Saturday, 15 October 2016

How to Take your Snaps to the Next Level with Snapchat Stickers

Snapchat has a very cool feature, Snapchat stickers. When you are done with taking selfies, shooting videos and adding texts to them, you want to level up your Snapchat game. So how do you do that? Of course you can try out the filters and lenses. 

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But everybody is doing that. So if you need something different, you can try the Snapchat stickers. Here we explain in detail how you can add these quirky stickers to your snaps.

Find the Stickers Icon

The stickers’ icon is located on your Snapchat screen’s top right corner. As soon as you click on it, numerous stickers will come up.

Tap on the Sticker

tap on the sticker

When you have found the sticker that you want to add to your snap, just tap on it.

Hold the Sticker and Move it around

As you would tap on the sticker, the sticker panel will go back. And then, you can just drag the sticker to the proper position in the snap.

Resize the Sticker

Snapchat also gives you an option to resize the sticker as per your requirements. You can use the regular pinch feature to zoom the sticker in or out.

Rotate the Sticker

rotate snapchat sticker

Sometimes, you might want to send whacky pictures to your friends. So, you also have the option to rotate the sticker in whatever position you like. Just hold the sticker with 2 fingers and turn them around. The sticker will rotate with your fingers.

Remove the Sticker

In case you choose the wrong sticker by mistake or you change your mind later on, you can also remove the sticker. You will see a trash box when you drag the sticker around. If you don’t want it, just drag it to the trash box. This will remove the sticker.

What are Geostickers?

Very few people know that Snapchat has geostickers feature as well. As the name suggests, geostickers are particular to a location. So, based upon your location, you will get different geostickers. For example, if you are in Paris, you will see a different set of stickers than if you were in London.

Steps to use Geostickers

1.      Enable the Location Services

First of all, you have to enable to location services because that is how Snapchat will provide you geostickers based on your location. Just go to the settings panel of your device and then click on Manage Additional Services, then Permissions, and then Edit Permissions and then go to the Location and turn it on.

2.      Choose the Geosticker

You can find the geostickers in the same sticker panel on the top right corner of your device. You will see a separate location pin in this panel. And if you click on it, you will get geostickers.

Please note that if you do not see the location pin in your sticker panel even when you location services are on, then your particular city might not have got the geostickers as of now. Snapchat will roll it out soon for your city. Till then, keep adding those quirky stickers and make the most of Snapchat.

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