Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to Use Bitmoji on Snapchat

You must have heard about the Bitstrips. Those are the cool anime characters you could create and share. They became extremely popular when people started sharing Bitstrips on Facebook. 

Bitmoji is nothing but an animated caricature of yourself. And the news here is that Snapchat recently acquired Bitstrips corp. This means that sharing Bitmoji with your snapchat friends is easier than ever before. Don’t believe us, read on to understand how this whole process works.


1.      First things first, you need to have both the Bitmoji app as well as the Snapchat app installed on your device.

2.      Moreover, make sure that they are of the latest updated versions.

3.      Then, you will need to link your Bitmoji account with your Snapchat account. It is in turn very easy to do.

One you are sure that you meet above requirements, you are ready to learn the process. And once you are through it, you can stick those Bitmoji on your Snaps, pictures, videos or just about anything. And we are sure you are going to love it.

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Steps to use Bitmoji on Snapchat

1.      Update your App

Many people will argue that they have the updated version already. But then if you do not find the particular Bitmoji option in your Snapchat, you will find out that the reason is your app is not updated. So, it is better to be on the safe side and check in the Play Store whether you really have the updated version. If not, update it now.

2.      Install the Bitmoji App

Once you update your Snapchat app, the nest step is to get the Bitmoji app on your device. Just find it out in the app store and hit download. And when it is downloaded, just install and sign in. if you do not have an account on Bitmoji already, you can choose to sign up and create a new account.

The app will ask you to create an avatar of yourself. Step by step, choose your facial features and when you are done, click OK.

3.      Link your Accounts

To link both your Snapchat and Bitmoji accounts, you will need to go to the Snapchat app. In the settings menu, you will see a new option this time with the name “Bitmoji”. Just click on this option.

As you would click, the apps would automatically get linked. Just wait and let it happen.

4.      Start sharing

Once the linking is done, you will see your Bitmoji avatar there. You can drag it over your photos or your videos or wherever you want it to be. These would be pasted over your photos just as the regular stickers and you can rotate them, re-size them or remove them as and when you want.

To have further fun, you also have an option to use your friend’s avatars. So, if you want to tease your friends using their Bitmoji avatar on Snapchat, you can do so. So, happy Snapchatting! Use this feature today and stun your friends.


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