Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How to Use Snapchat Filters

Snapchat Filters are an amazing way to add some spice to your pictures. And the good thing about them is that unlike the Snapchat lenses, you can add them after clicking the pictures. 

As you swipe left/right in the app, you would get some of the best Snapchat Filters. And you can choose the one which looks perfect. If you are still not sure about using them, follow the steps as given here.

1.       Update the App

Snapchat releases new filters very often. So, it might be a good idea to update the app before starting. This would give you a wider range of filter options.

2.       Turn the Filters On
snapchat filters

For using the Snapchat filters, you need to enable them first. So, open the Snapchat app. And then click on the Snapchat icon. There you will see a Settings button. Open it and click on “Manage” option. You will see an option “Filters”. If they are already in “On” state, just go back. Else you need to toggle them “On”.

3.        Turn your Location On

turn location on snapchat

There are many filters in Snapchat which require your location. So, you will need to turn on your location. In Android, it is easy, you just need to go to Settings and then find the Location and turn it on. In iOS, you need to first go to the “Privacy” tab. And then go to the “Location Services”. And turn it on. You will see a list of apps, find Snapchat there and turn it on.

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This step will give access to the Snapchat app to access your location. So, the filters you see on your friends’ pictures such as city and temperature specific are due to this feature of Snapchat.

4.       Take the Picture

snapchat take pictures

Once you are finished with the Settings, just go to the main screen. There, you need to click a picture of yourself. You will see a white circle on the main app screen. Just tap the circle. And your photo will be saved. You can add text to it if you want.

Keep in mind that it is also possible to add Snapchat filters to the videos. So, you can also shoot a video of up to 10 seconds if you want.

5.        Swipe Left/Right

swipe left/right on snapchat

Once you have clicked the perfect picture which you want to add filter to, start swiping. You can swipe in either direction. And with each swipe, you will get a new filter. Choose the one which suits your picture the best.

What is a Geofilter?

Snapchat also provides geofilters. These depend on your current location. Most of the times, they are city specific or the temperature specific. So when you apply a geofilter and send it across, your friends will know where you are exactly.

Is it Possible to add Multi-Filters?

Yes, if you want to try a combination of two or three filters, there is a way. Apply the first filter and then hold your picture with one finger. Then, swipe using your thumb or other finger and you will see the filters combining. A maximum of 3 filters is possible.

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