Saturday, 22 October 2016

How to Improve or Create Snapchat Stories

Everyone is using Snapchat these days and sharing their Snapchat stories. But if you want to stand out from the rest, you need to level up your game. 

So, we are providing some tips here with the help of which, you can improve your Snapchat Stories. Just follow then and we are sure your friends would be quite impressed.

1.       Use all the Angles

snapchat stories

Often we see Snapchat stories which look alike. The main reason is that people take them only from a single angle. So if you club same angle snaps and make up a Snapchat story, it would not interest people. A good idea is to use the Angles. Start from front and then move sideways or do the other way round. You can also shoot something in the midst of your story with your back camera.

2.       Use the Filters

The Snapchat filters are there for a reason. Don’t ignore them. And never make the mistake of thinking that if you use your plain face, you can create an interesting story or fantastic 123movies Make use of all the tools that you can. Not just filters, but also use the emojis and 3D stickers. The latest one is Bitmoji stickers. So you can also use them to make your stories attractive. People actually like to see how creative you can become with the tools that are available for everyone.

3.       Try Shorter Snaps

short snaps in snapchat

Some people have this really annoying habit. If Snapchat has given 10 seconds to a snap, it does not mean that each snap in your story has to go that long. It will bore the hell out of people and after the initial few snaps they might just skip. If you don’t want that, choose shorter time frames for some of your snaps. This would keep the interest of the people alive.

4.       Make it Seem like an actual Story

They are called Snapchat stories because they were actually meant to be. After all stories interest people. Everybody will want to know what happens in the story next. So, make your Snapchat story seem like an actual Story. Come up as if you want to tell a secret to your people or like you have an important announcement to make. You don’t have to do much to do this. Just make your opening snap appear with a cool and intriguing quote. And the audience will follow.

5.       Make Use of the Text

use text in snapchat

Apart from those filters, lenses and stickers, you have an amazing tool which you completely ignore. The text. And the good thing is that you can write the Text in any shape. If you want to show yourself as thinking something, use a bubble shape. And if you want to convey an emotion, you can use any random shape. This would give a nice touch to your Snaps. Also, audience would read it through and get involved.

6.       End with a Teaser

snapchat teaser

As per the scientific studies, if something teases people, they get more interested in it. So, make sure that your last snap is the perfect teaser. After all, they went through your entire story. You can do that much for them. Additionally, it would make a good impact on the minds of people. And they would feel like your future stories would also be this interesting. So, make use of this chance.


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