Saturday, 15 October 2016

What do the Snapchat Friend List Emojis and Snapchat Symbols Really Mean?

snapchat emoji and symbols

Snapchat is a really interesting app. As you become friends with people on Snapchat, you would find interesting emojis appearing next to their names. And not only that, these Snapchat symbols will change over time. So, what do these emojis really mean? Let’s find out.

Birthday Cake Emoji

You can easily guess this one. Yes, it is this friend’s birthday. Send them a snap and wish them right away. Make note that this symbol will show up only if your friend has enables the birthday feature. So, you cannot reply on Snapchat to remind you birthdays.

Gold Star Emoji

A gold star emoji means that your friend has an interesting story. Someone must have replayed the snaps shared by them anytime in last 24 hours.

Baby Face Emoji

When you recently become friends with a person, Snapchat will show a baby face symbol in front of their name. This indicates that your friendship has just taken birth.

Yellow Heart Emoji

As the yellow roses signify friendship, a yellow heart emoji signifies friendship too. If you see this emoji in front a friend’s name, then you have sent most snaps to them and they too, have returned the favor by sending most snaps to you. So, Snapchat thinks you are best friends.

Red Heart Emoji

Gradually, your yellow heart symbol will turn into a red heart emoji if it stays there for continuous 2 weeks.

Pink Heart Emoji

And then, if you stay dedicated and keep sending most snaps to each other for 2 months continuously, even this red heart symbol will turn into a pink one.

Smirking Face Emoji

If a person sends you too many Snaps, you become their best friend, even though you are not sending them many Snaps. A smirking face emoji denotes this.

Smiling Face Emoji

This also indicates best friend. But they are not the top best friend. Though you do send a lot of Snaps to this person, there is still someone else whom you send the most number of Snaps.

Sunglass Face Emoji

Snapchat has detected something really smart about you and your friendships if you find this emoji. This means that one of your best friends (the person you send most Snaps to) is also a best friend of them.

Grimacing Face Emoji

While sunglass face symbol is fun, this might not be. This emoji really means that your best friend is their best friend. In short, the person whom you are sending most Snaps is in turn sending most Snaps to this person.

Fire Emoji

Well, Snapchat is intelligent. And it knows when something’s cooking. So, if you send a Snap to someone every single day and then you get a response back as well, you see a fire emoji by their name. And the best part is that this fire increases as days go by.

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Hundred Emoji

Along with the fire, you will see a hundred emoji as well when it’s the hundredth consecutive day of sending Snaps to each other.

Hourglass Emoji

You can say this is exact opposite of the fire symbol. If you don’t send a Snap to this person soon, your Snapstreak might end.


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