Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hidden Snapchat Tricks You Should Know

As per the facts, 2 billion snaps are sent across the globe on a daily basis. This indicates that the app is quite popular. And, it packs loads of features as well. 

If you are also a Snapchat user, you would probably know about its amazing features. But, what if we tell that there is more to it? 

What if we tell you that there are some hidden Snapchat tricks that you should try today? Yes, that’s exciting. Read on to know some of the best Snapchat tricks.

1.       Multi-Filters

multi filters in snapchat

Yes, it is possible to combine filters. So, don’t just get stuck at one filter at a time. Instead, mix and match and then surprise your friends. To do this, just hold the picture with first filter with your finger and keep swiping for the next good filter.

2.       Travel Mode

travel mode in snapchat

If you think Snapchat eats a lot of data, you are not alone. This is a concern most users raise. Well, you don’t need to send a report to the Snapchat team. 

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Just go to the Settings on the app, click Manage and then check the Travel Mode. This will prevent auto-loading of the snaps and stories. So, you save on the data.

3.       Video Filters

video filters in snapchat

A lot of people are still under the impression that they can apply filters only to the photos. No, you have an option to add filters to videos too. You can make it slow down, run faster or reverse it using the snail, rabbit and rewind filters respectively.

4.       Camera Viewfinder Trick

camera viewfinder trick in snapchat

Sometimes, your phone confuses you when you want to switch between the two cameras. But not anymore. In the Snapchat camera viewfinder, you have a shortcut. Just double tap to flip the camera.

5.       Night Camera

night camera in snapchat

Poor lighting but you still want amazing snaps? Not a problem. The hidden night mode camera of the Snapchat lets you click awesome quality pictures even in dark. You need to cover the camera lens when you are in dark. 

This will make the app think you are in dark. And when it happens, a half moon will appear. This indicates that the night mode is now switched on.

6.       Send Pictures from Gallery

pictures from gallery in snapchat

We know it sucks to have a pretty picture in your phone’s gallery but not being able to send it across as a snap. However, a new feature in Snapchat has made it possible. 

When you are inside a chat, you can click on that icon near the capture. This will take you to the gallery. There, you can select the picture and send it to the friend.

7.       Live Video Call

video call in snapchat

Snapchat also provides the live video calling feature. However, you and your friend have to be online at the same time. 

And at this instance the yellow button will turn blue. Both of you have to tap and hold it at the same time. And then keep holding it until you want to talk. 

As soon as you release the button, the call ends. This is a sneaky feature so call up your friends and make use of it today.


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